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The Thread That Binds for PETA: Death

PETA is still in very hot water over its support of Breed Specific Legislation and is trying mightily to spin the truth. But the truth is the truth, we must keep our focus on it. And this is the truth — when you dig deep into the way their actions impact companion animals you can see that they have one common thread — animals end up dead.

Let’s just get some facts out there.

First Fact: During the months of July, August, and September, PETA took in 630 animals and 490 of those animals were killed. You can find a statement by Virginia Senator Bill Stanley about those numbers here. Sadly, these are typical numbers for PETA. In 2014 they took in 2,631 animals and killed 2,324. You can find more information about their shockingly high kill rate here.

Second Fact: PETA kills adoptable animals without ever trying to rehome them. I know this from my firsthand experience as a PETA field worker. We know this because of Maya, the dog they killed shortly after stealing her from her home. We know this because of the animals in North Carolina who were killed in a PETA van and whose bodies were dumped like trash. Patrick Proctor, a veterinarian who asked PETA to find homes for a mother cat and her kittens, stated of their deaths

This is ethical? I don’t think so.

PETA states that its kill rate is so high because they provide a free humane euthanasia service for people whose animals are suffering. Was Maya suffering? Were the mother and babies suffering? Were all the animals found in the dumpster suffering? Are people still naive enough to believe that?

Third Fact: PETA advocated for all dogs seized from Michael Vick to be killed, stating that saving them was not “a good use of money” or time. Now, I may be missing something but last time I checked the purpose of animal rescue was to rescue animals, not to write them off as a waste.

Fourth fact: PETA supports Breed Specific Legislation, they have for years. Since recently partnering with some vehemently anti-pit bull groups — and Daxter’s Friends to name two — PETA has been getting hammered on social media sites. Their feeds on Facebook and Twitter are full of people who are rightly outraged that an “animal rights group” has decided to align itself with organizations who have as their main objective the annihilation of any dog with a certain appearance. Let’s get this straight, you cannot call yourself an animal rights group and work with people who refer to dead pit bulls as “pit bull dog meat” or who write diatribes about the different ways to kill pit bull type dogs. And you cannot call yourself ethical when you partner with people who assert that folks who have pit bulls only do so for the purposes of fighting and bestiality. You can see examples of those statements here. These are some real winners PETA has chosen as friends.

Fifth Fact: BSL is BSL no matter how you spin it. In what I can only assume is an attempt at damage control, PETA has decided to stop using the term “Breed Specific Legislation” and start using the term “Breed Specific Protection.” But we’re just going to keep calling what they’re endorsing what it actually is — Breed Specific Legislation. In order to defend their support of BSL PETA has stated that their actual objective is to promote the spaying and neutering of pit bulls. The problem is that BSL and the promotion of spaying and neutering aren’t the same thing — they may overlap in that spaying and neutering can be a tiny part of BSL but BSL is so much bigger. Spaying and neutering saves lives, BSL results in death — just look to Colorado as an example of this. PETA asserts they support BSL because it is in the best interest of dogs. If that were true why are they the only major animal welfare/rights organization supporting it? The National Canine Research Council has an extensive list of groups who oppose BSL, as well as research that proves it is not effective in reducing dog bites.

What is the common thread that binds all of these facts? Killing. It sounds harsh, especially when we’re talking about a group that is considered to be one of the staunchest defenders of the lives of animals. But ultimately, when all those facts are boiled down to their bare bones, the common thread is killing. Dogs who were tortured and forced to fight are called a waste of resources. Maya, a healthy and loved chihuahua, was stolen and killed. Thousands upon thousands of animals have died at the hands of PETA employees. And we’re to believe that they were all too ill or old or aggressive to save? Seriously? Does any of that reflect an organization that values life? No — it reflects an organization who believes animals are better off dead than living with humans and that is a supremely twisted philosophy.

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23 thoughts on “The Thread That Binds for PETA: Death

  1. PETA wouldn’t know ethics if they jumped up and bit them on the butt.

  2. Reblogged this on In my own little world and commented:
    Another excellent piece from this blogger on PETA and their lies.

  3. Kim Moses on said:

    Shared far and wide :). They need to be stopped.

  4. Dana Edwards on said:

    There is a new documentary out that shows how wrong PETA was about the dogs in your third fact. Checkout

  5. Karen F on said:

    “Breed Specific Protection” reminds me of the famous quote from the Vietnam War: “It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.”

  6. Why do they do this?

    • I think those most entrenched in the PETA philosophy believe that it’s better for animals to be dead then to take the chance that they will be abused or abandoned or otherwise harmed by humans. And I think they believe that most humans are incapable of properly caring for an animal. It’s a really twisted approach to rescue work — to kill in order to prevent what is seen as inevitable suffering — rather than focusing on how to fix problems and face challenges. I’ve seen PETA supporters say of Maya the chihuahua that she was better off dead than living in a trailer park, which is not only elitist but a ludicrous justification for what PETA did to her. Maya was loved and cared for but, for some reason, that love and care didn’t live up to PETA standards so she was, in their twisted philosophy, better off dead.

      • I am sickened by Peta’s behavior. My oldest dog was rescued from a kill shelter by a good-hearted woman who rescued dogs from all over the Atlantic seaboard. He has had a wonderful home with me for nine almost 10 years. All of my other animals except 1 are also either strays or rescues. What can be done to stop PETA from continuing to kill helpless animals???

  7. There is truth in every part of this article. PETA goes further, however, in wanting to separate humans from companion animals.

    They would consider our much-loved and well cared for pony “enslaved” because he carries around a 40 pound child a few times a year. They would consider our pampered house cat “enslaved” because he lives in our house and uses a litter box.

    They consider any domestic, companion animal a slave…and feels our beloved pets are better off dead.

  8. Terri Davison, oddly enough PETA also wants outdoor cats DEAD. Go figure.

  9. Over this past summer, I decided to go 100% vegan. A huge change but I did this for a number of reasons. In this past few months, I have run into a number of people who think Peta is great. I know differently as I see a few of fellow followers do as well. In regards to fellow vegans, I understand their passion for animals, however, some are just blind to PETA evils. One was defending them, stating that they helped control the pet population. While another accepted their killing because they took in all the “sick” animals and put them down for other shelters. Vegans are passionate people and love animals, it is too bad that some are blinded by Peta BS PR!

    Thank you for another great blog.

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    A great read on the evils over at PETA!

  11. Sam D on said:

    If Peta continues to act this way of killing of helpless and adoptable animals. They should change the word ethics in their abbreviation to euthanize.

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