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PETA – it’s not just the dog owners they’re lying to

It’s no secret that PETA kills the vast majority of the animals they take in at their Virginia headquarters — they admit to this, though lie about the circumstances, and my own experience as a field worker for PETA’s Community Animal Project gives me firsthand knowledge of their killing.

Since the first time I blogged about Black Boy, the dog who saved me from going too far down the PETA True Believer path, PETA has been working hard to discredit me. They’ve said I was lying, that I am a vindictive ex-employee who invented a “hateful fantasy” in order to enact revenge against them for firing me. Never mind the fact that I have nothing to personally gain by speaking about my experiences, or that I have been the target of a smear campaign and cyber bullying because I’ve been speaking out. Or that they sent a letter full of lies to my husband’s boss to try to get us to shut up (accusing us of “false and malicious” attacks and attempting to “interfere with PETA’s business”), and potentially endangering my husband’s career with their libelous claims.

I spoke out because I needed to make amends for the things that I did while I worked at PETA, because I wanted Black Boy to have a legacy of change and truth, and because I wanted to help the family of Maya, the dog who PETA employees stole and subsequently killed. Maya’s family is suing PETA and I have stated time and again in this blog that I will do whatever I can in order to help them find justice.

One of the ways PETA has attempted to discredit me is by saying the Community Animal Project (CAP) (the department responsible for the killing of Maya) didn’t even exist when I worked there so how could I possibly have knowledge of the work their field staff does? In fact, in court documents filed for PETA in the Maya case, PETA attorneys state, in reference to my blog and what I’ve written about PETA and their killing, “Indeed, at the time the blogger worked at PETA, PETA did not operate an animal shelter and did not have any program that would have performed the services provided at Dreamland II” (the trailer park where Maya’s family has their home, the home from which Maya was stolen before she was killed). This is a screen grab from a memo in support of motion to strike filed by PETA’s lawyers, from which I pulled the above quote, implying that I am lying about the fact that I was a field worker for CAP.

peta screengrab1

And this is the performance appraisal I received, which lists my position as “Fieldworker” and my department as “Community Animal Project.” I’ll also note, contrary to what PETA has alleged — that I was a poor employee — that I received an overall rating of “excellent” and was, in fact, given a raise. One of the people who signed the appraisal was PETA President, Ingrid Newkirk.

PETA Performance pg 1

PETA Performance pg 2PETA Performance pg 3

Obviously, my performance appraisal shows that the statement made by PETA’s attorneys, and filed in a court of law, is demonstrably false, and was designed to damage my credibility. In the end, it’s PETA who has the credibility problem.

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14 thoughts on “PETA – it’s not just the dog owners they’re lying to

  1. Victorena Minchew on said:

    Seems you got that “confidence” in tackling “tough situations” after all, doesn’t it? Probably NOT what they had in mind, LOL, but you certainly haven’t shied away from confronting difficult situations with these con artists and liars. Good for you!

  2. must all organizations, regardless of their intentions at the outset, grow evil in proportion to their size?

  3. Judy Pelton on said:

    All right, Heather! You go, girl! ❤ I'm continually impressed by your strong-willed determination in the face of highly-paid attorneys working for a mega organization who are trying to silence you. Keep up the good fight – we're with you. (they must be so angry that you have that "performance appraisal" as proof to back up what you have said about PETA and your work there – probably said 'oh sh*t! she's got RECORDS!' LOL!)

  4. Tony Mitchell on said:

    PETA has been dishonest from there start .

  5. Kristen on said:

    YOU are a person for the ethical treatment of animals, unlike the organization that bears the acronym. Don’t back down…YOU are a hero!

  6. I’m a former PETA UK employee and also labelled ‘disgruntled’ after 7 years of working my ass off for them, I can testify to the brutal nature of their counsel, the almost cult-like behaviours of the senior staff, and a founder suffering from founder’s syndrome.

    Some of these tactics they’re using are scandalous, and absolutely rings true with my experience of working there, I can literally see the emails flying back and forth as they try to dig up some dirt they can use.

    The shock tactics are enough to make most ‘disgruntled’ employees cease and desist, I was one of those people, so it’s heartening to know there’s someone out there who isn’t cowed or backing down.

    That they deemed it acceptable to contact your partner’s employer is disgusting behaviour.. Did you raise this with your own attorneys about the legality of it? No doubt their own counsel discussed at length over whether their asses would be covered, but it’s not ethical, not moral.

    I’ve been following this story with interest, keep it up, don’t give in to bullying tactics.

  7. Heather, it’s absolutely amazing what you’re doing to expose PeTA as a former employee and refusing to back down from their bullying and harassment. I know exactly what you’re going through as I’ve been there and done that with regard to a fake horse rescue that was raking in millions of dollars through a fraudulent scheme being brazenly and openly carried out in public view on Facebook. I called them out on it and ended up paying a VERY heavy price for it.

    I have something to run by you. This morning, it was reported on “Full Measure” that 61,000 dogs are currently being used in laboratory experimentation by the federal government, with the National Institutes of Health and VA being the biggest culprits. Something occurred to me and that is, could PeTA have sold any of the dogs they took into their “shelter” to the government under the table? I recall that they “supposedly” turned over dogs (cats too) to Hampton Roads shelters in VA. Did those shelters actually receive any animals from PeTA? If they did not, what really became of them?

    The physical proximity of PeTA’s headquarters in Richmond, VA to those federal agencies in Maryland and Washington isn’t lost on me, and after watching “Full Measure”, I just had to wonder about the origin of many of those dogs. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they’ve never made money from euthanizing the dogs and cats they’ve taken into their “shelter”. But they very well could be making money selling them to the federal government for laboratory experimentation-even though they are avowed anti-vivisectionists.

    Your thoughts on this?

    • Judy Pelton on said:

      omg I sure hope that’s not happening. that is such a sickening thought for me. it’s horrible enough that PETA kills animals needlessly but to sell them to labs where they are caged, isolated, and first tortured (literally, they ARE!) for as long as they are “viable” (a repulsive word) and THEN killed – that’s more than I can bear to imagine.

  8. Sam on said:


    I came across this story a few months ago and again last night, along with the case of the 2 CAP employees/volunteers that were illegally disposing of euthanized pets in 2005. I wanted to say that I think what you are doing is courageous, for the most part. You could have, very easily, have turned your back on this family and done nothing, as (sadly) many ppl would have done.

    Having lost my Brandi last year, I know the pain this little girl feels. While I have taken in more rescues than I can count and found many of them homes, Brandi was a rescue that I had since birth and she was a part of my soul. (I cared for her mom during her pregnancy and nursing until I found her a home when the pups were 12 weeks old) If that little girl loved Maya half as much as I loved my Brandi, I know she had to have been crushed, not just o find her dog missing, but then to find out an organization that should have been about helping animals are the ones who murdered her.

    If you ever decided to start your own non profit to do what PETA claims they do, I would be willing to bet that many would support you in the endeavor. Helping animals find a new lease on life is one of the greatest callings there is and it seems to me that you are just starting to find yours. Maybe offering an alternative to PETA would be a good use of your strength.

    But, maybe this is your calling too. Who am I to say? What I can say is that I know you will make a difference in many lives. Whether it is just the blog and helping with lawsuits like this one, or something even bigger, who knows.

    But thank you for sticking up for Maya and helping her young companion in her search for justice. No everyone understands how special our furred companions can truly be in our lives. Thank you

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  10. Pingback: The Truth About PETA: Another Former Employee Comes Forward | mom2nomads

  11. Madicat on said:

    Is anyone still doing something in 2019? Nice job! #standformaya #weareallmaya

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