ahhh, the life of a diplomatic princess . . .

About Me

I am a Foreign Service spouse and stay-at-home mom of three precocious children. Currently we are serving in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Our first tour was in Conakry, Guinea which was sort of like baptism by fire. After twenty months the children and I (along with the other embassy families and “non-essential” embassy employees) were evacuated because of civil unrest. We reunited with my hubby four months later when our tour ended and he returned to the US. We next served in Dublin, Ireland where we spent an incredibly enjoyable and lovely three and a half years despite the fact that, for the last fifteen months, my husband was  in training and then posted to Iraq for a year. Our next overseas assignment was San Jose, Costa Rica where we got to enjoy a small amount of the natural beauty the country has to offer (it’s got A LOT of beauty). We’re now nearly one year into our tour in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I’m here to tell you, don’t believe the hype. Honduras is amazing and well worth an extended visit if you ever get the chance. This life is not nearly as glamorous as people think, actually not remotely glamorous, and it can be very challenging but we choose it, we love it and we take the lumps with the perks.

I am a runner, amateur photographer, and I’ve got a bad case of wanderlust (though I hate to fly — go figure). I love being a stay at home mom and strive to live my life in a way that helps teach my kids to do the right thing through example.

I tend to be opinionated, am sometimes vulgar, I have no problem using colorful language and I’m not easily offended. The rants, raves, stories and opinions found on this page will belong to me — not my FS hubby or his employer.

19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. am gonna be following your blog with interest heather.. did a blog a few years ago on politics.. but abandoned it.. but will be setting up a whole new blog site soon.. Keep posting the blogs on FB… And am hoping that you and Eric get back to Ireland.. I’ll even get my guitar out and do a welcome back gig for ye!!!

    John ” the cork fecker from the joke group” 🙂

  2. Hi Heather,

    Keep posting on Facebook too! I feel a book coming on!

  3. Tami on said:

    I’ll follow you anywhere, babycakes! Just be true to your beautiful, strong, honest, and colorfuly personality on here and it will be an AMAZING blog…don’t ever change and don’t ever let the bastards get you down! xoxo

  4. sandy on said:

    awesome.. what a great way to share.. look forward to hearing more of your rants or subjects.. however you write them…lol…

  5. Costa Rica looks great, moving the family there in 2014 would love to get some advice from one Foreign Service member to another.


  6. petsgonegreen on said:

    I enjoyed mom2nomads black dog and Peta story. Would like to connect with author. I write about the 4-leggeds in our lives and we teach classes on better, BESTcare. My dog, Cedar and I, (I am her transcriber) wrote two books, Doggone Green, eco-solutions for a pets daily life. We have a 5 – point agenda for action.
    Your story is excellent, very brave of you to share and soooo necessary!

    The guts of our work is teaching others to take extraordinary care of our 4-leggeds; always knowing that until we take the same care of ourselves, we can not be our BEST for them and the 2 leggeds in our lives. We teach to lead with a servant’s heart. Your story speaks so eloquently to that.
    Thank you, would love to be in contact with you. KathyDeitsch aka CedarDeitsch her transcriber.

  7. Hello from Hungary. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award! Catherine.
    Check out:

  8. Jennifer on said:

    Hi Heather! I’m a brand new FSO headed to Tegucigalpa in late October. I’m also a big dog lover – we have 2 rescue mutts and I also hate PETA so have really enjoyed your blog. I hope we will cross paths when I arrive!

  9. Sarah Wilson on said:


    My name is Sarah, and I am a student at Liberty University. I stumbled across your blog almost by chance–you see, I am doing a research project honoring soldiers who fell on D-Day, for the National D-Day Memorial, and it just so happens that the soldier I was assigned was the Sergeant Weaver in your 2014 post about your grandfather.

    I know this is out of the blue and rather unconventional, but I would love to get in contact with you further and talk about your grandfather’s stories. I want to do my best to see that Sergeant John B. Weaver is remembered, and so far, your grandfather and you are the only sources I can find that have more than his name, rank, and date of death.

    Please let me know if you can help!

    Thank you,
    Sarah W

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