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Using Bigotry to Defend Theft and Killing — Well Done, PETA

Yesterday I spent a few hours reading through the latest court documents in the lawsuit against PETA (you know the one I mean, the one against them because they stole and killed a little girl’s dog). Predictably, it’s full of lies and half truths and, man, are PETA’s lawyers snarky. But what really got under my skin is PETA’s attempt to smear Maya’s family. This is typical PETA behavior — they’re bullies and anyone who dares stand up to them becomes a target, which I know from personal experience. But what is especially heinous about this particular smearing is the not so subtle racism and xenophobia they’re employing. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised, since PETA supporters also employ bigotry in order to try to silence truth tellers, and PETA never steps in to put a stop to it. But, holy hell, it’s low.

Time and time again Wilbur Zarate, the father of Cynthia, the little girl whose dog PETA stole and killed, was asked about his citizenship status, the citizenship status of his family members, the status of his green card by PETA’s attorney during his deposition. He even went so far as to ask if Cynthia was born in the US or in Mexico. Because Mr. Zarate’s citizenship status is relevant to the fact that PETA stole and killed his little girl’s dog how? From the beginning PETA has stated that the Zarate family is suing them in order to make money, which is offensive but not a shocking thing for them to say. But to bring into all of this the heritage of the Zarate family is a bridge too far even for PETA.

Here’s what I see: I see a massive labyrinth of an organization trying to shut up by any means necessary the one family — the ONE — who has dared stand up to PETA. I see PETA stating that Mr. Zarate is only after money and then, in order to further smear him, question his citizenship status. And here’s the larger picture — I see PETA asserting that anyone whose native language is Spanish, and/or is of Mexican heritage, can and should have their citizenship status questioned. Because, why the hell not? And, geez, if someone is in the US illegally how dare they stand up for their family, right? Some folks are just supposed to sit down, roll over, and ignore it when heinous things happen. Here’s what I see as PETA’s primary message to Mr. Zarate — “don’t you know your place?”

When you stole and killed a little girl’s dog, and it’s just the latest smoking gun in a pattern of behavior going back nearly twenty years, THIS is all you have left. The emperor has no clothes, so you throw everything you can at the victim. You know, the guy whose little girl’s dog was stolen and killed contrary to Virginia law. A dog who was not the only animal killed that day. The fact that PETA is using bigotry and xenophobia in order to defend themselves is offensive and shocking — as is the fact that the day of Maya’s death was just another day at the office for PETA employees. And keep talking, PETA, because the more your representatives say the more they reveal the moral wasteland at your core.

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23 thoughts on “Using Bigotry to Defend Theft and Killing — Well Done, PETA

  1. Well done! Time to get rid of PETA.

  2. Victorena Minchew on said:

    More and more people are starting to understand that PETA really stands for Please Euthanize The Animals. Thanks, in large part, to people like you and the Zarates who expose them. Well done!

  3. Mel (Hippo256) on said:

    Reblogged this on 'Enability' blog.

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    Words fail me again. #PeopleEuthaniseThousandsofAnimals

  8. Yet again PETA show their true colours.

  9. Could someone please explain why they did it? What made them even think to go steal the dog? What was the their point?

  10. al smith on said:

    where can we read the court documents

    • Unfortunately Norfolk doesn’t have their court documents online. I have them as files so I’ll see if I can somehow attach them to this blog entry or post the ones most relevant to this blog tomorrow.

  11. PETA needs to disappear. Let’s start with taking away their tax exempt status. They are a force of destruction, not a charity. Now they are attacking their victim?! Of course they are, that makes perfect sense for such a ghoulish, bloodthirsty, predatory org. led by a sort of Vampira.

    Thank you again for exposing PETA as the thoroughly despicable group they are.

  12. On one hand, I’m not surprised that PeTA is doing this. Yet on the other, I just want to scream. Disgusting is the only way I can describe their behavior.

  13. Manuela Langer on said:

    I wish I was the judge. I would warn PeTA’s lawyers once and then slap them with a hefty fine for being in contempt of the court. Third offence: Have them arrested right in the court room.

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  15. dcinfowarrior on said:

    You don’t hear leftist Social Justice Warriors criticizing PETA for PETA’s open racism and xenophobia because the top brass of PETA is…leftist Social Justice Warriors.

    If Donald Trump had questioned the family’s immigration status, the leftist SJWs would have wasted no time in attacking Trump as a racist and xenophobe…and rightfully so. But then again, Trump needs no help exposing himself as a racist xenophobe.

  16. Caitlin on said:

    What PETA did in this situation is very very wrong, I absolutely agree. But how many of you posting here eat meat? And how can you tell me that one dog dying is worse than you going out for wings and as a group killing like, 5 chickens? Just because you feel like it? PETA may have really screwed up, probably quite a few times. But they are making a BIG DIFFERENCE in the lives of animals living on factory farms that you don’t even ACKNOWLEDGE the existence or importance of. Quit being such hypocrites.

    • dcinfowarrior on said:

      Ah, the token “you’re in bed with the meat industry if you’re against PETA” bozo.

      I used to deal with a brainwashed PETAtard on YouTube named CDLver who smeared me – a vegan – as a “meat industry whore” because I dared exposed PETA’s hypocrisy (such as Tai Babilonia staging a fake animal rights protest at Rockefeller Center by skating “naked” while wearing leather ice skating shoes), their overt sexism (equating fat women with whales and forcing women to stage “naked” stunts), racism (equating animals with black people), and anti-semitism (equating chickens with Jews).

      CDLver even called me a Jew hater for voicing outrage to PETA’s anti-semitic “Holocaust on Your Plate”…which even the ADL said was anti-semitic..

      So vegans who oppose PETA are in bed with the meat industry, huh? In the words of Chris Jericho, stupid idiot. Not everybody who opposes PETA is in bed with the meat industry as you clearly implied. Grow some brain cells and stop being a dumbass.

      – DC Infowarrior, vegan for 15 years and fed up with stupid idiots like you making vegans look bad

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