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Another One Bites the Dust: What’s Up, Norfolk SPCA?

We all know PETA kills the vast majority of animals it takes into its “shelter.” That’s not a secret. In 2015, 72% of the animals PETA took in ended up dead. And we all know that PETA is vehemently anti-No Kill — for PETA there is no good to be found in searching for solutions, for finding alternatives to killing healthy and adoptable animals. So many animals end up dead at PETA’s hands that Virginia, the home of PETA’s headquarters and its “shelter”, had to pass a law aimed at stopping their wholesale killing (a law PETA has been fighting hard to undermine).

In 2015 PETA held an adoption event, several local shelters were invited to participate. I wrote a blog about their farce of an adopt-a-thon because, frankly, this was a publicity stunt for PETA. Another step in their dance of ingratiation, another layer to the mask they wear. One shelter that was not invited, or at least did not accept an invitation, was Norfolk SPCA. It made sense, they’re a No Kill shelter. Why would a No Kill shelter participate in an event being held by an organization that fights their moral center, so to speak. I saw that as a plus for Norfolk SPCA because any shelter who lends PETA credibility by teaming up with them should be treated with a lot of suspicion, IMO.

So I was a bit shocked when I saw Norfolk SPCA accepted PETA’s invitation to their  “adoption event” this year. I was a bit more shocked to learn that Norfolk SPCA seems to be partnering with PETA in the field. That was a real “say what?” moment for me. It seems the director of the Norfolk SPCA went into the field with PETA. To be clear, I think PETA does good work in the field, the problem is what they do with animals they bring back from the field. And because of what happens to the animals who fall into PETA’s hands, in my opinion, no ethical shelter should be partnering in any way with PETA.

I get that folks need to sometimes team up with people or organizations they don’t wholeheartedly agree with, compromise is an important way to build bridges and find solutions. But there are some devils you don’t put on your dance card and PETA is one of those devils. Because, at their very core, they believe animals are better off dead and any work they do is only done to that end. And any shelter that works with them is only lending credibility to that end. And any shelter that works with them should be questioned. So why, Norfolk SPCA?


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4 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust: What’s Up, Norfolk SPCA?

  1. How is the trial going for Wilbur (Maya’s owner) against PETA? I have searched the web for any updates & can’t find anything. I do hope the courts go in wilburs favor. I don’t understand why Norfolk SPCA would do such a thing since PETA is well known for their actions of what they do with animals (Is there a change in management?).

  2. Dalene on said:

    I think that the Norfolk SPCA needs to step up publicly and answer the question you pose. I think Norfolk SPCA needs to explain, why this year they appear to support PETA when last year, their absence at the PETA event spoke loudly against them. What happened between then and now?

    I’m interested and looking forward to their response.

  3. Watched this video earlier this year and wondered why any of these organizations would sit down with a PETA rep front and center. The hypocrisy of PeTA having a dog there for adoption was stunning. Check out the body language of the young woman sitting to the left of PETA — not everyone was happy to be there.

    At some point last year, I took a look at PETA’s 990 and saw funds going to at least one Virginia Beach shelter. Unfortunately the 990s come out several months after the end of a fiscal year so hard to get real time info on whether they’re using money to make friends.

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