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PETA’s Silence About Cyber-Stalking Speaks Volumes

When unhinged people are tweeting out the most vile insults, lies, and accusations in your name, and you likely know it, what responsibility do you have to put a stop to that? This is a question PETA should be asking itself because this is exactly what has been happening on Twitter.

At this point I have lost track of how many new Twitter accounts have popped up in the past week targeting me and other Twitter users who are trying to spread the truth about PETA. New ones open, they get reported, Twitter mutes them so they don’t pop up in our feeds, and many are getting suspended. Mike Flynn, who has also been a target of this harassment, summed it up well today:

The tweets that have been aimed at those of us who are speaking out about how PETA has killed, and continues to kill, thousands of companion animals are pretty vile — fat shaming, LGBQT shaming, use of the word “retarded,” tweets of a sexual nature (including tweets of a sexual nature tagging PETA2, which is the PETA Twitter account for children), creepy “I will follow you wherever you go” tweets. And, my personal favorite, venomous accusations that I abuse my children and am raising them to hate.

So here’s the deal. You can argue that PETA can’t be held responsible for the tweets of their supporters. But this is targeted, nearly constant, harassment that PETA has been tagged in so you know they are seeing it. Any organization with any standards at all would have shut this down days ago by saying they don’t want this nastiness and cyber-bullying committed in their name. If anyone came to my “defense” with assaults like this I would tell them to knock it off, I would distance myself from them immediately, I would support the person being cyber-bullied — as would most people and organizations with any sense of ethics. But PETA, with their silence, is at least passively supporting this cyber-assault to continue — that speaks volumes about the depths to which they are willing to stoop to continue their killing.

So let’s take a look at some of what this person is tweeting out in PETA’s name.

We have fat shaming:

We have anti-LGBTQ slurs:


We have the use of the “R” word:


We have creepy stalker talking about the stalking:



And the cyber-stalker ridiculing one of the people he/she is stalking:

These are only a tiny fraction of the tweets that are floating about, and there are others against people who likely had no idea what they were stepping into when they confronted PETA about their killing that I will not put here because the ugliness is unbelievable. Frankly, I don’t expect PETA to come to my defense, but the tweets I won’t put here are personal attacks, and have targeted someone who is young and should never be on the receiving end of this kind of nastiness.

I will post some of the tweets targeting myself and another Twitter user.

Tweets of a sexual nature, including tweets that were tweeted at PETA’s account that is specifically for children:


Tweets stating that I am abandoning and abusing my children:


New Twitter account that are clearly targeting me and Cathy:




This tweet, by someone who has been tweeting with the stalker/s, seems to sum up their philosophy nicely:

There is no doubt for anyone who knows right from wrong that these tweets are reprehensible, reprehensible enough that I wonder about the sanity of the person who is writing them. But the larger picture is this: why is PETA silent about them? Even if they’ve only seen a fraction of them, that fraction is enough. I’ve only shown a fraction here — there are many, many more. What I’ve highlighted here displays so much hatred, so much venom, so much bigotry, so much misogyny, so many lies. But that’s okay, because it’s “no holds barred,” right? Is this what PETA believes? Why are they tacitly supporting this cyber-stalking and bullying? If you are on the side of right you don’t need to stoop to name calling, humiliation, and lies. So what does the fact that PETA is passively supporting exactly that say about them? There is as much truth in silence as there is in raising your voice. PETA is speaking volumes.

PS. I apologize for the screenshots with a lot of blank space, I can’t link to tweets from accounts that have been suspended and I just didn’t have time to edit the photos. But if anyone wants to know what the 20 best Supernatural episodes are, you can click here! Ya gotta have a sense of humor to get through it, folks.




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17 thoughts on “PETA’s Silence About Cyber-Stalking Speaks Volumes

  1. I applaud your fearlessness. You go, strong girl.

  2. This is not new behavior from PETA and their devout [cult] followers. Some of the nastiest, most thoughtless bs I have seen anywhere on the Internet has come from PETA and their people. It has been nonstop for many years, and primarily aimed at No Kill advocates.

    • It is unbelievable what people will stoop to, it’s so hateful. But I guess that’s the cult mentality — dehumanize anyone who isn’t with you, justify any kind of behavior to protect the cult. It’s sick.

  3. Heather twat on said:

    It’s boring! Looks made up

    • I will not engage with you on Twitter, which you’ve (maybe) picked up on. But since you’ve come into my territory I will tell you a few things. You don’t get under my skin, and that’s because I don’t know you, you mean nothing to me, so why would I care about the lies you make up about me? Or what you think of me or tweet at me? You don’t scare me, and that’s because I am not intimidated by you. And you’re wasting your time, because if you think your bullying and stalking will stop me from speaking the truth about PETA you are very wrong. So you can keep doing what you’re doing — obviously I can’t stop you because you’re a coward who hides behind your multiple online personalities. But if you think your actions are doing anything other than showing even more people the truth about PETA, and the venomous lies and harassment they are willing to passively support, then you are very wrong.

  4. Susi N-k on said:

    PETA pays them — both HSus and PETA pays shrilly to attack. Been going on for years.

  5. Victorena Minchew on said:

    Reprehensible tactics appear to be the norm now with animal segregationist groups…but unfortunately for them, none of us are going to allow them to succeed in their campaigns of bullying and intimidation. Heck, I don’t much care what close family and friends think of my opinions, let alone a group of total strangers on the Internet! Their tactics alone are sufficient to cause me to shun them, I’ve never had much use for totalitarian regimes.

    Just to let you know, Heather…you aren’t alone.

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  7. I hate PETA. on said:

    Several years ago, a friend of mine was viciously attacked in comments and personal messages on YouTube from a couple trolls named kay7271 and CDLver, and when he reported them to YouTube, Google deleted all their messages to him as well as notifications in his Gmail. So yeah Google has been caught covering up PETA’s illegal activities.

  8. g2-1bb886defda9e65bd456e133a1961d86 on said:

    I have noticed that a good number of PeTA supporters act a lot like Scientologists; attack the messenger, not defend their position. And you are not the only one: people on Facebook and Disqus have been harassed and stalked by PeTA supporters. It’s sickening.

    Currently, I’m dealing with someone on Disqus who is trying to attack me over the fact that I dare mention that PeTA kills animals. I’ve been accused of spreading hate and oh, all that happened years ago. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or throw my hands up in frustration.

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