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PETA’s Predictable Smearing of Maya’s Family

A few days ago I blogged about Maya, a tiny chihuahua who was stolen off her porch and then killed by animal rights giant, PETA. Maya’s family, the Zarate family, is now suing PETA. If you’d like to read the lawsuit (which is very enlightening) you can find it here.

Of course, true to form, PETA has already started its smear campaign against the Zarate family — because that’s what they do when people dare to stand up to them. Here is the statement by PETA’s general counsel, Jeffery Kerr:

It’s a money grab against a charity that had been called in to help a community, did its best, and made one tragic mistake for which it has tried hard to make amends. Those efforts have been refused. PETA will mount a vigorous and aggressive defense.

Let’s look at these two statements:

  • The theft and killing of Maya was a tragic mistake. It was tragic but it wasn’t a mistake — it was PETA Standard Operating Procedure. From the people who were targeted (low-income families) to actions taken by PETA workers in order to gain the trust of trailer park residents (telling them PETA would find good homes for any animals who were taken from the park, offering to provide medical care for residents’ animals), to the theft and killing of Maya. PETA claims it only euthanizes animals who are too sick or old or aggressive but within 24 hours Maya — a healthy, well socialized, young dog– was dead. In 2014 PETA took in 2,631 animals and killed 2,324. Killing is SOP for PETA. Killing healthy, adoptable animals is SOP for PETA. I know this because I worked there. I don’t know why PETA targeted Maya but I suspect folks at PETA, and folks who buy into their better off dead philosophy, believed that Maya was better off dead than living in a trailer park.
  • PETA has tried hard to make amends for stealing and killing Maya. How? By bringing a fruit basket and an empty apology to Maya’s family? And the Zarate family is just supposed to say thank you and not hold PETA accountable for their actions. And when that doesn’t happen PETA begins to smear the Zarate family, painting them as money hungry grifters. PETA stole and killed their dog. They went onto Mr. Zarate’s property, stole Maya, and killed her. Even in their apology PETA pointed fingers at the Zarate family, stating Maya was “collarless and without any indicia of ownership.” Except for the fact that she was sitting on her porch and the women who stole her knew she belonged to the Zarate family. But Mr. Zarate is not supposed to try to find justice for Maya, or stand up for what’s right, or hold PETA accountable for the pain his daughter has endured because her dog was killed. He’s just supposed to shrug and walk away. And PETA is outraged that he won’t do just that.

I find PETA’s treatment of Mr. Zarate deplorable and patronizing. I believe they thought they could walk all over him because of where he makes his home and the fact that he’s an immigrant whose second language is English. And they, therefore, saw him as someone who doesn’t have the resources or wherewithal to fight them — PETA’s behavior is offensive. And they were way off the mark in thinking the Zarate family wouldn’t fight them. Because they’re doing exactly that. #JusticeForMaya



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9 thoughts on “PETA’s Predictable Smearing of Maya’s Family

  1. Yet again, PETA show that they are nothing more than murdering, hypocritical scum who cannot admit to their own wrongdoing!

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  3. Victorena Minchew on said:

    If…in the unlikely event they were able to do so…PETA ever took one of my animals from my yard and killed them, a lawsuit would be the LEAST of their worries.

    There is NO excuse for what they did. Morally and ethically indefensible, and no amount of money could ease that child’s pain. I can imagine the horror in her mind to realize her beloved pet had been stolen and killed…it will haunt her for decades. I believe the Zarate’s motives to be far more honorable than PETA claims…to make PETA be held accountable and face up to the emotional and psychological damage they caused his family…and to expose what they did, and what they really DO to animals they get their hands on to the world via the publicity of a lawsuit. They talk big about animal “rights”…but without the right to life, no other rights matter.

  4. JenniferT on said:

    What do I think? I think it would be justice for PeTA to be disbanded, and to lose their tax exempt status, and to have to pay the Zarate family every nickel they are seeking. They killed those healthy and adoptable puppies and kittens and threw them in a dumpster in Ahoskie NC. They murder over 90% of the animals they take in. They beg people for money to ‘help animals’, then KILL those animals. They stole and killed Maya. I think the people of PeTA are lower than pond scum, and it’s about time they get what’s coming to them. GO ZARATE FAMILY!!!

  5. kimbis on said:

    PETA took adoptable puppies and kittens from veterinarian offices and immediately killed them.

    PETA harasses blind people with guide dogs.

  6. In England taking a pet from the front porch or any where else is stealing and if it then killed that pet the whole country would be up in arms !! Who are these Peta people anyway ??

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