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Why is a Senator Who Voted in Favor of VA SB 1381 Now Standing in Its Way?

This was a statement overheard at the end of a Joint Commission hearing in Richmond, one of the purposes of which was to make the case that the implementation of SB 1381 cannot occur until a two to three year regulatory process occurs.

SB 1381, which “clarifies that the purpose of a private animal shelter is to find adoptive homes,” was passed with overwhelming support by both the Virginia House and Senate and signed into law by Governor McAuliffe. It was also vehemently opposed by PETA, who even went so far as to hire a powerful lobbyist to fight the bill. The other group opposed to it was the Virginia Alliance for Animal Shelters, who now seem to have hired another lobbyist to fight the implementation of SB 1381.

One of the Senators who voted in favor of SB 1381 was Frank Wagner. Why would a senator who voted in favor of SB 1381 now be offering to round up troops for a group that worked to defeat the bill, and has hired a lobbyist to fight timely implementation of the bill? Who do we know with deep pockets who also fought hard to defeat SB 1381? Is there a connection?

For now, there are only questions. However, those of us who know how PETA operates, the depths to which it will sink to get its way, and the resources it is willing to throw around in order to make that happen, wouldn’t be out of line in thinking they are connected to this latest effort to stymie SB 1381 in a way that goes beyond public support. I think we need to be asking those questions and others.

And we can ask them of Senator Frank Wagner, who seems to be working against the bill he voted for.

You can tweet at him here:

You can find him on Facebook here:

You can email him:

You can call him: 757 228 3333 (District Phone)
757 460 4510 (Campaign Phone)

Many people fought so hard to get SB 1381 passed, and it ended up passing with “overwhelming bipartisian support.” This was the will of the people of Virginia in action, we cannot let that democracy be undermined by politicians, lobbyists, and the powerful groups that hire them.


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