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Dear PETA, Mess with My Family Again and This Mamma Bear Will Turn Demon

Bullies. They come in all forms — mean girl, jerk at work, corporation. Non-profit. I’ve written about bullies before, when our daughter was the target of one. Today I will write about another bully. This one is PETA.

Many who have spoken out about PETA’s killing of animals have been bullied by them so the fact that it’s happened to me will come as no surprise to those folks. For now I can’t go into detail about their attempt to get me to stop spreading the truth but I can say that they tried to get me to shut up in the most offensive way possible. They tried to get to me by going through my family. They attempted to put into jeopardy something that is sacred to us, the loss of which would do harm to all of us. I want to be very clear that there has been no physical threat or intimidation and we feel one hundred percent safe.

Here’s the other thing I want to be very clear about and this is my direct message to PETA. You have not scared me. You have not scared my family. I am not sitting down, I am not shutting up, I am not going away. I will continue to speak the truth. I will continue to fight your killing at every turn. I will continue to tell Black Boy’s story, to give him a legacy of compassion and non-violence. By trying to get to me through my family you have done exactly two things. You have, once again, revealed yourselves as the biggest bully on the playground. Here’s the second thing, you have made livid a mother bear. I honestly do not care what you say about me, or try to do to me, but when you try to get to me through my family and, by extension, my children, then you are treading on my sacred territory. I am now that mamma bear standing tall on my rear legs, claws extended, roaring, because you tried to put my cubs into jeopardy. The one thing, the one thing, anyone who knows me will tell you is that you never, ever want to mess with my family. Ever.

On a gorgeous Minneapolis morning, our last day home, my husband and I ran our first half-marathon. We’d done the distance many times but, as I learned, it’s different in a race. One thing I did to help me stay strong was dedicate my miles to people and animals in my life. I ran the final mile of the race for Black Boy. As we neared the thirteen mile mark this song started to play

I began to cry. I cried because I was exhausted, I cried because I had to keep going, I cried because I’d dedicated my mile to someone I should have fought for. Now, here’s the thing, it’s really hard to run while you’re crying. I was gasping for air, trying to see the path through my tears. I gathered myself, told myself to just run and I could cry later. I began to sing instead. Because this song, above all others, has been the one I’ve sung to myself when I think about the battle being waged over truth and killing.

And all those things I didn’t say, wrecking balls inside my brain, I will scream them loud tonight, can you hear my voice this time? This is my fight song. Take back my life song. Prove I’m alright song. My power’s turned on. Starting right now I’ll be strong. I’ll play my fight song. And I don’t really care if nobody else believes, cause I still got a lot of fight left in me. Like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion. Like how a single word can make a heart open. I might only have one match but I can make an explosion.

We rounded the corner to the finish line and I saw our children. My pain began to fade as I watched them jump and cheer, the absolute embodiment of joy. Our youngest, who is eight, started to run next to me. He looked up at me, all smiles, cheering and shouting, his hair carried by the wind as he ran. He stopped after a few seconds and motioned with his arms, as if to push me across the finish line. I crossed with the love of my children, with my husband by my side. And I crossed with Black Boy in my heart.

At around ten miles my legs, fatigued because my torn calf had only recently healed, began to feel like dead weight. I looked at my husband and said “I don’t think I can do this.” He smiled and said “of course you can, you never give up.” And I don’t. And I won’t.


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16 thoughts on “Dear PETA, Mess with My Family Again and This Mamma Bear Will Turn Demon

  1. Leigh on said:

    Thank you Heather and congratulations to you on your half! I’m sure it was cathartic!

    • Thank, Leigh! It really was cathartic. There’s nothing like a hard run for me to break through emotions I can’t even put into words. That run did not fail me.

  2. Hurray for you. For meeting your physical challenge and for sticking to you principals. As the former director of an open admission, animal control shelter that moved heaven and earth to save lives, I too have experienced PETA’s bullying tactics. I will never forget the letter I received from them bemoaning that we were saving TOO MANY animals and that we should STOP IT. Yep, they flat out said it. We sent a letter back telling them to pound sand and continued to save lives. Shame on PETA and a big, giant kudos to you sister!

  3. How did they specifically try to get to your kids? I don’t understand how they could do that.

    • I can go into more detail, hopefully, tomorrow but this involves people other than us so I need to be very deliberate. I’m sorry for needing to be vague right now. Again, I want to be clear that no physical threats or intimidation have ever been made against me or my kids. What they did was attempt to put a big part of our lives into jeopardy, which puts my kids, and my whole family, at risk.

  4. Lucy Van Pelt on said:

    Being bullied by PeTA and those that worship at the feet of the Butcher is something I have endured for 3 years now….Welcome to the club, although I’m sorry you have to endure the harassment. I should know.

    Ingrid has written lame ass blogs about me – get this – calling ME the bully…..There was also the big bad lawsuit filed against Huffington Post where PeTA schyster lawyers demanded my super (not so) secret hidden identity that I LAUGHED AT…..

    How I would have welcomed the chance for PeTA to DARE file a SLAPP suit against me – I would have taken a few million in a countersuit and used it to actually save some animals lives. Imagine that?

    Keep up the good work. You must be a big boil on nasty Newkirk’s ass to receive the honor of the “Van Pelt Treatment”.

    • She called you the bully? That’s rich. PETA loves to throw their money and weight around. If I were someone who donated to them I’d be livid that my money was going to attorneys who attempt to bully others into sitting down and shutting up rather than to helping animals.

      • Oh, it was utterly pathetic = the blog the Butcher wrote about “bullies” where she called me a bully because she counted how many comments I made at the Huffington Post.

        She made up some lame ass imaginary friends and some melodramatic animal torture porn . UGH, just her usual SLOP….. Complete and utter fabricated ROT. The pathetic blog got zero attention over the Huffington Post (like all her blogs do). I’m surprised they still print her stupid blogs that no one even reads.

        In the meantime, I’ve had her gang of losers calling my work, calling the shelter where I have volunteered….Filing lawsuits against the Huffington Post to demand my super secret hidden identity, even though the old witch knows damn well who I am.

        The lawyers from AOL/Huffington Post (who I was in constant contact with) thought PeTA had utterly lost their minds filing that ridiculous petition. They looked like complete buffoons and bullies and didn’t stand a chance of getting a judge to grant them the info they were asking for. It was all to intimidate me and the two other commenters they named.

        Oh yeah, and I never said one untrue thing either. I suppose I don’t have to tell you that though.

      • They’re only scared of the truth, if it were lies they wouldn’t bother. It’s astonishing the rate at which they spend donations to try to shut us up.

  5. I just wanted to thank you. For having the guts to stand up to Cruella DeVille, sorry I mean Ingrid 😉 and the murdeting hoardes of PETA. You are amazing. Don’t ever give up.x

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  7. Albert on said:

    Reblogged this on sonofbluerobot.

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