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A Plea to Former PETA employees — it’s time to rise up.

This morning I read a blog piece by Nathan Winograd entitled The (Death) Cult of PETA, it is absolutely required reading for anyone who wants to know more about PETA and I hope it spreads far and wide. In it he perfectly lays out not only the arc of damning evidence that brings into the light what actually happens to companion animals behind PETA’s closed doors, but the mindset that enables these events to happen. Please read it — there is not one wasted word in it and it is a vital piece of research and writing.

While there is a lot to say and highlight about Mr. Winograd’s piece, what I want to focus on for the purposes of this blog are the former employees he has spoken to over the years, because there have been many and they are quoted in his piece. The problem is that none of them have attached their names to their statements and that, of course, is what has to happen in order for them to have the full impact they deserve. So I am asking, once again, for former employees to come forward.

I know going up against PETA is an intimidating endeavor — they will lie to discredit truth tellers, they will attempt to smear reputations, they will have others attempt to smear reputations, they will manipulate information in order to suit their narrative, they will threaten legal action. We ALL know this. But, at the end of the day, none of that really matters. We know we’re telling the truth, and they cannot take that from us. You went to work for them for a reason — because you wanted to fight for animals, because you wanted to do the right thing, because you wanted to stand up and be an unwavering voice for the voiceless. You learned the hard way that PETA was not only the wrong avenue for these efforts but that they stood in direct opposition to them in many ways. NOW is your opportunity to stand up, to be that voice, to fight against abuse, betrayal, lies, and the killing of innocents. NOW is your opportunity to do what you couldn’t do when you worked for PETA: the ethical thing. NOW is your opportunity to protect and love all the animals who are at risk because of PETA’s better off dead mentality. We, along with Mr. Winograd and others who have stood up to PETA, are their only hope. Their only hope. We are responsible for horribly betraying not only the animals we were meant to protect but our own values and ethics. Nothing will change what we’ve done but speaking up is the closest thing we have to redemption.

Things will not change at PETA without us. This is your chance to make a real and lasting difference, and that chance is a gift, please accept and embrace it. Please, please, come forward. I will have your back, that is an absolute guarantee. If we all rise together, if we all attach our names to our truth, they cannot silence us, they cannot take us down, and we will walk the road towards amends together.

Dr. King

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6 thoughts on “A Plea to Former PETA employees — it’s time to rise up.

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  2. I have a question.

    A few years ago, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones mentioned on his radio show that his wife Kelly Nichols – the same Kelly Nichols who admitted to throwing the dead raccoon an Anna Wintour and the tofu cream pie at Oscar de la Renta – worked in the “PETA inner circle”, and Jones claimed that his wife saw the so-called “PETA inner circle” eating “double beef burgers”.

    My question for you is this: Did you ever see PETA executives eating meat at their headquarters?

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