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Just Call Me Honey Badger

A few days ago blogger and PETA apologist Mary Tully wrote a blog entitled “The Curious Case of Heather Harper-Troje.” Since I don’t read her blog I didn’t notice that she’d written about me until someone kindly sent it to me on Twitter. I intend on writing a lengthier blog about what she asserted both in her piece and in the comment section of her blog when I get a bit more time — I’ve got some things to say about it. One of her main assertions, both implied and more overtly stated, seems to be that I am lying about PETA. My response to that is twofold:

1: I’m not.

2: I don’t care if she thinks I’m lying.

My initial objective was to write the truth in order to begin to make amends to Black Boy. That’s it. And I feel I have at least started that process. The fact that people were open to listening to me, and open to believing me, is something I am very grateful for. Partly because so many people have been supportive throughout what has turned out to be a longer and more difficult process than I had anticipated — I could not have kept speaking up without the people who have had my back. And partly because I want people to know the truth about certain practices in which PETA engages. It is my hope that whatever I’ve added to this ongoing dialogue has made an impact.

But I know there are certain people who will never believe me, for whatever reason. And I know there are people who know I’m telling the truth but will continue to call me a liar because they want PETA to be able to continue doing what it does, which is kill the vast majority of animals it takes in. My bottom line is this: it is not my job to refute Ms. Tully’s assertions that I am lying. I hope that anyone who is on the fence will carefully examine all the evidence available and think critically about it. But that’s up to each individual.

At the end of the day Ms. Tully, or anyone else, believing me has no impact on my life.  I have nothing to personally gain from any of this, my only reward is knowing that I’ve done the right thing and that, hopefully, it’s helped. But, either way, my life goes on. I keep running, I keep finding joy in all the same things, I help my kids navigate life, I snuggle with our youngest (he still loves to snuggle with mommy and I am soaking that in until it’s no longer the case), I have dates with my husband, my dog still greets me like it’s his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one when I’ve been away for the afternoon. And, hey, I got to watch the Boston marathon today and be reminded of the greatness of the human spirit and, despite the annoyance Ms. Tully has caused me, that beautiful and positive experience is far more important to me personally than her lies. Life goes on, it will continue to go on. No matter how many distractions Miss Tully tries to create, no matter what lies PETA cooks up about me. Life goes on and, at this point, I’m all about the attitude of the honey badger — and that’s good.

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5 thoughts on “Just Call Me Honey Badger

  1. Good for you. I went round and round with a PeTA apologist or perhaps an employee about an animal advocacy bill in the Texas Legislature. The bill would prohibit governmental shelters in certain large cities, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, among others, from killing animals after their mandatory hold time if space was available. Of course they were against it. Assholes@@@

    • And why would they be against a bill like that. Clearly, a bill like that is in the best interest of animals. They’ve strayed so far off any path they were on to begin with that it’s sad and dangerous.

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  3. Heather, when a PETA sycophant (PSYCHO-fant..LOL) comes after you, it means you are a TRUE animal lover, UNLIKE them.

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