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Virginia Voters, Keep Up the Momentum!

I’ll be happy when this blog can go back to its regularly scheduled programming of writing about the places we visit, raising kids overseas, and the occasional political rant but, until that can happen, this is the track we are on.

Virginia Senate Bill 1381 has conquered one more hurdle, this time in passing the House Agricultural Committee. It was close, 12-10, but it happened. Friday is go time, that’s when the bill is before the House. I am urging Virginia voters to contact their delegates and ask them to support SB 1381, briefly tell them why this bill is so important. If you’re not sure who your delegate is you can go here. And I’m asking folks to go further by contacting all members of the House of Delegates and do the same, you may not be one of their constituents but you are still a Virginia voter, you can find the list here.

I know that we can sometimes wonder if appealing to our representatives makes a difference, but it’s what we’ve got, and if we all do it then we’ve got a powerful weapon, one we need to use. If we do nothing then we’ve let the lobbyist working on behalf of PETA win, we’ve let the status quo of killing adoptable animals win. So let’s move forward, folks, and fight for the animals who cannot fight for themselves. We’re in mile 11 now, and we never give up on a run.


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4 thoughts on “Virginia Voters, Keep Up the Momentum!

  1. Jackson on said:

    Great news!!!! Just one more vote and thousands of animals could be saved from needlessly being put to death by PETA. Please email your reps Virginians, we’re all counting on you!!! Thanks Heather!!

  2. Kim Moses on said:

    I pray every night that this bill is passed 🙏🙏🙏. I don’t understand why it is so close. The ones voting against it must be removed when election time comes around. I’m from Boston sending winning thoughts to you guys. I don’t know if there is any more that can be done on my end ? If there is please let me know.
    Kim M

  3. Thank goodness it passed. But it was too close for comfort. It should have been unanimous, so keep up the pressure. You may not really want this job, but it’s yours now. I don’t live in Virginia, but I know people who do. Most of them are well aware of this, and those I’m not sure of will be hearing from me personally.

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