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Don’t Let PETA Fool You, SB 1381 is a Good Bill

Tonight I saw an “Action Alert” from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals urging people to ask the Virginia House of Delegates to vote against SB 1381. Let’s look again at what SB 1381 does: “Clarifies that the purpose of a private animal shelter is to find permanent adoptive homes and facilitate other lifesaving outcomes for animals.” Sounds like the definition of a shelter, right? But, apparently, PETA needs it to be clarified, and then put into law, that a shelter should exist to rehabilitate and re-home animals. As the law stands now, or, rather, the loophole of the law stands now, they are free to kill the vast majority of animals who come into their shelter. This law would prevent their ability to do that.

What makes me most angry about this “Action Alert” is that it is cynical, it demonstrates they will stop at nothing to push their agenda. And it takes complete advantage of well meaning people who look to PETA as a beacon of animal welfare, and who trust the organization to tell them the truth. They are counting on that trust. Don’t let them fool you. Unlike PETA, I am not asking you to take me at my word, I am saying if you have any doubts at all do your research, figure out where you stand, and then do something! I trust in the integrity of this bill, I trust in what is right. So I trust, when you do your research, you will support this bill and you will make your voice heard.

I haven’t heard of other shelters in the area opposing this bill. In an article by Arin Greenwood for the Huffington Post, Tabitha Frizzell Hanes with the Richmond SPCA states this:

“The current wording of the definition has been interpreted to create a loophole under which the PETA facility in Norfolk operates as a private animal shelter but without the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes for animals. Over the past decade, as save rates at private shelters across Virginia have risen and euthanasia rates have fallen, the PETA facility euthanizes the animals it takes in at a rate of about 90 percent.

“It is out of step with the progress being made for our state’s homeless animals for a private shelter to operate not with the purpose of finding animals adoptive homes but almost entirely to take their lives.”

Ask yourself, if other shelters are supporting this bill why is PETA opposing it? Why did it hire a lobbyist to fight it?

I’ve been accused of doing this to seek attention, so I hesitate to post the interview I did with WVEC TV in Virginia but I’m going to because it is my testimony. It is the truth.

Interview with WVEC

This “Action Alert” is a lie. What they’ve written in it, their “concern” for smaller, private shelters, is a lie. It’s all done in the name of protecting the status quo at PETA–to kill the vast majority of animals they take in. Don’t let them fool you, and don’t let them stop you from taking action. Go here for a list of all Virginia delegates and their email address, and then contact them. Make sure you put in your subject line that you support SB 1381.  We are obligated to speak for those who can’t, and together we can create a change that will benefit vulnerable animals who are counting on us. Their lives depend on our action, plain and simple. So, ACT!

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Let PETA Fool You, SB 1381 is a Good Bill

  1. bittybugs on said:

    Thank you for posting this Heather, it is so important! I’m surprised PETA went public asking for support to kill as many animals as possible, they usually walk a fine line of not hiding it but not bringing attention to it, they really are desperate. Hope they lose this battle.

  2. Here’s hoping the voters of Virginia can see through the smokescreen created by PeTA and its no-doubt highly paid lobbyist. This organization and their strong-arm tactics should be put in its place and as soon as possible.

    • Dogmom4 on said:

      I have not seen anyone that is a voter that opposes this bill once its explained. It will truly be a vote towards what the people want or the power of money. Here’s hoping for some renewed faith in our government officials.

  3. jackie methe on said:

    PETA needs to be called out exposed and this bill supported .

  4. Thanks for writing about this! I’m on the Board of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies (an umbrella group for Virginia shelters, rescues, animal control agencies and animal welfare advocates) and Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, a rescue that has just become one of Virginia’s newest shelters. We are ALL FOR THIS BILL! There is only one more step — voting in the House of Delegates — that will happen probably on Monday. So Virginians, please contact your state delegate and ask them to support SB1381! Find your delegate here:

    • Hi Heidi, I really wish more people who believe PETA that this bill will hurt animals, without looking into it themselves, would pay attention to the fact that other shelters support this bill. Now they’ve got action alerts out and well meaning people are advocating against this bill. The abuse of trust they are displaying is reprehensible. I hope everyone in Virginia who supports this bill is contacting their delegates.

  5. Jenna on said:

    I have a question mom2nomads . You said that PETA will stop at nothing to push their agenda. If (as you say) their agenda is NOT to help animals in the long run. What then is their agenda as you have interpreted it? Do they have a hidden agenda to just kill all animals whenever they can? Are they psychopaths who want freedom to push “their agenda”? Do they gain profit by killing more animals? I don’t get it. Sorry I am very confused as to what you mean by their agenda.

    • Hi Jenna, I did not say their agenda was to not help animals because, using very warped logic and ethics, I think they believe they are helping animals by killing them. I believe, in the context of CAP and SB 1381, PETA’s “agenda” is to be able to continue with their SOP, which is to kill the vast majority of animals who they bring to PETA (or who enter the vans). I don’t think they are psychopaths, I don’t think they profit monetarily from killing animals. They state that most of the animals they take in are beyond hope, I don’t believe that is true. And, since, as far as I am aware, they have not released intake information on the animals they have killed we have no proof of the conditions of the animals, we’re just supposed to take their word for it. It is good shelter practice to keep meticulous records on each animal from the time they are signed over until they are rehomed, euthanized, killed, moved to a different rescue/shelter, but PETA appears not to do that. Why do you think that is?

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