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The Legacy of Black Boy

Sometimes the most frightening things can turn into the most meaningful. Writing my blog about PeTA, was a painful and difficult thing, publishing it was scary. It was scary because I know what I’m potentially up against by speaking the truth about PeTA, I lived it. But I knew telling the truth had to be done and, once I wrote it, I wanted it read far and wide. I did a little research and found the work that Douglas Anthony Cooper has been doing to expose PeTA, I felt he was the one I needed to contact. My hope was that he would read my blog and know the best way to get the truth out so I sent him a Facebook message with a link. Over the course of many hours we communicated and I told him more about my experiences, it felt good to share these things, cleansing. Keeping them locked tight, shared only to those I most trusted, was like having a darkness living inside of me, some nasty companion I hated and couldn’t get rid of. I don’t consider myself to be absolved, but I’m on my way.

Mr. Cooper published a piece  on the Huffington Post about my experiences at PeTA. I’m nervous about it, for the same reasons I was scared before, but I’m also very grateful to him for telling my story. I want to honor the dog who saved me, I want Black Boy’s legacy to be one not only of setting me back on my path and helping me find absolution and self-forgiveness, but helping me make a difference in the lives of animals.

This morning I was reading my Twitter feed and I saw Black Boy’s name everywhere, it brought tears to my eyes. This is a dog who meant so little to the person who was supposed to love and care for him that she left him outside in a snowstorm to freeze to death while she sat in her house next door, safe and warm. But he mattered to me, I had come to love him, and if I could go back to that night and change what I did I would do it in a heartbeat, but I can’t. All I can do now is move forward and make sure that Black Boy’s legacy is one of redemption and change.

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43 thoughts on “The Legacy of Black Boy

  1. You did well. Beyond well. And yet, you can’t undo what has been done. But you can be at peace with it now. Try, if only for his sake. 🙂

  2. Ann Swinson on said:

    I’m not sure if this is how I post on a blog, as I’ve never done it before but here goes. You have really rocked my world. I have been a PETA supporter and defender for ages, now to read this, I’m just angry. I have been rescuing animals all my life and recently bought a farm, which I was going to offer to PETA for a foster facility. I will still do that but with locals groups etc. I’m in Canada. I just feel something should be done about OETA if what you say is true. I’m not saying your a liar but they should be investigated and made accountable! Thank you for getting this out there, I’m not sure where that leaves me. I will not promote them anymore but can not condemn as its one persons word. More people have to come out.

    • Ann, thank you for your comment and for being open to the truth, even if you’re still skeptical. There is more information out there from others who have worked at PeTA, it’s just it’s usually put out anonymously. If you want to learn more I would encourage you to read more of Mr. Cooper’s writing, there’s a lot of information there. I agree they should be held accountable and I’m hoping that will happen. And thank you for wanting to foster, being a foster family to an animal in need is an absolute gift, irreplaceable. Best of luck to you.

  3. Omg I’m disgusted and had no idea that my ongoing charitable donation was being used to kill animals. I’m appalled and feel robbed both financially and emotionally. PETA shame on you for your lack of dishonesty to the public and your lack of empathy and concern for the well being and safety of these poor creatures. If it wasn’t for this persons willingness to be forthcoming we would’ve never known that PETA are frauds. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  4. Terri Piecara on said:

    I applaud your honestly and courage. Good for you! Thank you.

  5. Are you involved with any vegan outreach in addition to your advocacy for shelter animals? You seem to be drawing so much attention it would be a shame to not use your notoriety/platform to speak for all the animals.

  6. Hey jetson409 – I still haven’t recanted anything I ever said about PETA. Nice to see you still trolling.

  7. Nothing off topic Ms. Van Pelt about someone working for PeTA and being questioned about their veganism. Full disclosure seems to be the important message behind these new blogs and since Black Boy’s death is responsible for some sort of revelation, the topic of killing and eating animals is more than relevant.

    • What is it about some AR people and droning on and on about veganism. It’s really a load of BS. You can be about animal welfare and conservation and not be vegan. I really get sick of hearing this lame argument it’s just an excuse for you to feel oh so morally superior, especially PeTA people. So with your moral superiority of being a vegan you think it is A-OK to kill healthy dogs and cats? That’s pretty hypocritical.

      • I don’t see where I said killing any animal is ok especially when it can be avoided, so not sure who you are speaking to.

        I’m also not the one who worked for an organization whose fundamental principles are based on a philosophy of not using animals ( this includes intentionally killing them to eat them especially since this can be avoided ) and then decided, nah its ok to eat them. ( The authors silence on the subject lends itself to this conclusion )

        So yes, there is a hypocrite in the room but it’s certainly not me.

      • My “silence” has been because your question is a distraction from the real issue–which is how PeTA, as an organization, treats the companion animals within their community, as well as the people they lie to in order to get those animals. But if you really need to know–I am a vegetarian, we are raising our children vegetarian, we don’t drink milk, we do eat some cheese, I don’t wear leather (except for one killer pair of boots I can’t give up) or fur, my running shoes are all synthetic, we’ve never taken our kids to a circus, our animals are all rescue animals, we don’t believe in animal testing, factory farming, or hunting. And, for the record, I don’t think not being a vegan or vegetarian while also doing animal advocacy and rescue makes one a hypocrite even remotely.

  8. PeTA also advocates trap and release for cockroaches while at the same time advocating trap and kill for feral cats.

    jetson409 – how do you explain that hypocrisy? I’ve been asking and asking for one of you PeTA defenders to explain this to me.

    Pretend I’m dim….like one of your own. 😉

  9. Yes Heather, but do you practice trap and release for cockroaches? Hmmmmm

    • Cockroaches? No way. Do you know how big the cockroaches are in Honduras? They’re like the size of small children! I do practice trap and release with spiders. Or, rather, I make my husband while I stand on the table until they’re gone. And if I see a tick I’ll kill it dead.

  10. Thanks for the answer. Now can you explain to me how PeTA defenders and PeTA themselves can advocate trap and release for cockroaches, stating that killing them is “cruel and futile” while they turn around and tell people that feral cats should be trapped and killed?

    Can you possibly understand their logic?

  11. Well, I’m a big Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan so I get that.

    • I never said people who concern themselves with animal welfare are hypocrites for not being vegan. But this is about you, an ex employee of PeTA, now pointing the finger at others for killing claiming it can be avoided while not seeing the irony in your not being vegan. When was it you decided killing for food was ok or were you never vegan?

      • Not that it’s any of your business but we stopped being vegan about 12 years ago, though were still primarily so. Then when we moved to Guinea we decided we needed to start eating cheese again. Have you ever lived in a West African country? Good luck being vegan if you do.

  12. jetson409 – why don’t you go and save some cockroaches from needless slaughter and leave this woman alone already.

  13. It’s pretty convenient that PeTA defenders and employees maintain that PeTA’s main focus is on promoting a vegan lifestyle. Therefore, absolving themselves from any and all expectations that they should have to actually save shelter animals – because (as they stress) their main focus is “promoting a vegan lifestyle”.

    A goal that has absolutely ZERO chance of ever becoming mainstream. NONE ZIP NADA…..

    But hey – if it works to pacify the numbskulls who keep putting millions into PeTA’s coffers year after year then they sure as hell aint gonna deviate from that from that goal. But, PeTA will use cute pictures of cats and dogs in their solicitations – when they are begging for more money that wont be spent on saving cats or dogs.

    It’s a real money maker….and a great con….

    It just goes to show how stupid the average PeTA member really is. Just keep giving Ingrid your money so she can “promote a vegan lifestyle” and NEVER EVER question anything PeTA does.

  14. Are you her publicist? She obviously wanted attention else she wouldn’t have written this blog. If either of you had expectations of only favorable responses you might want to re think what will be the subject of your future endeavors together.

    Anyway, I appreciate your response which unfortunately comes as no surprise to me. That based on your circumstances you made the choice to begin eating some animals but you still hold an opinion that others should be held to a different standard than the one you hold for yourself. You have an expectation that others find solutions to problems they didn’t create ( that don’t involve killing) but you are special and this rule doesn’t apply to you. Nothing new in your thoughts but true animal advocates understand the exploiters, those who work to maintain the systemic oppression (along with irresponsible owners in the case of companion animals ) are the real enemies of our fellow animals, not those who are working to bring an end to this injustice but unfortunately don’t always have the solutions to end the nightmare.

    And Ms. Van Pelt perhaps your question might be better answered by asking homeowners why they request PeTA place traps under their homes to catch feral cats they consider a nuisance.

    • Ah, the “she wanted attention” line again. Are they handing you guys talking points or is this all coincidence? And I knew I would get a lot of push back and hate, that’s to be expected when there are hateful true believers in the world. I wanted to tell the truth, and I did. Your opinion of me, my morals, my ethics, my values is completely and utterly irrelevant.

    • You really just contradicted yourself big time. You don’t look down your nose at non vegans then you just did. It’s none of your business what she eats, it’s none of your business if she was a vegan when she worked for PETA, she answered you but it is more than you deserved.

      And your question to Ms. Van Pelt, I borrowed a trap from animal control because I had a raccoon in my attic several years ago, he was coming and going in my attic for half a winter and sliding down my down spout like a fireman’s pole. I trapped him but refused to take him or have them pick up the sprung trap because they would have killed him (Rabies threat you know). I released him myself. I’m sure many of these people have no idea that by calling Peta instead of animal control would have the same results. They probably think you are going to humanely put them in a cat colony someplace (yes, their ignorance). Does Peta inform these people that they will kill them prior to placing traps, Jet?

      • In my experience they do not inform them of that. One story is that feral cats are released to an already established colony, when they’re actually killed. My hope–please, please, please– is that people who know the truth because they worked there come out and speak it. I can’t be the only one who feels like it’s an important and necessary thing to do.

  15. jetson409 – Thanks for showing your lack of ability to actually answer the question. Nice try but big fail.

    Can people send PeTA their cockroaches for PeTA to rehome?

    • I lived in the far east and on Guam, like Heather has said the tropics have some BIG cockroaches…..and the way the buildings are there you cannot keep them out of the house. Really big hairy spiders too! lol. I think Peta should make a squad up of cockroach catchers.

    • That’s what I thought otherwise why would they call PETA instead of animal control. Thank you for what you have and are doing…..Keep strong.

  16. You aren’t that relevant to my emotions for me to hate you but again I’m not surprised to see you once again show how highly you think of yourself. Anyway, your only “truth” is you think others should have solutions to problems they don’t create but you are special and this rule doesn’t apply to you. Have a good one ladies.

    • Oh my no valid points so we have to resort to insults. So very typical.

      • What exactly was the insult? She’s complaining about PeTA’s inability to always do what she thinks is the right thing while she herself faces ethical dilemmas and is unable to always do the right thing. I’m not pointing my finger for her inability to be perfect ( I get the challenges of life ). She however has held herself out to be someone who had a revelation about life and ethics and decided to blog about it by wagging her finger at others while eating her cheese 😛 I can’t help you if you don’t see the irony in her words and actions. My suggestion is everyone start wagging their fingers at the breeders, irresponsible owners and the root of the problem. When that blog gets written let me know.

      • I was not eating cheese while I wrote my blog. I may have eaten some hummus, possibly a banana. And I definitely drank some coffee.

    • If by thinking highly of myself you mean I have self-esteem, am sure of what I know is the truth, and won’t back down or bow to detractors who are trying to demean and undermine me then, yes, I do think highly of myself. I think highly enough of myself to know that I’m doing the right thing.

    • @Jeston- you mentioned you though Heather started this for attention, and maybe she does, but not did her, for the animals and the truth about what PETA does to companion animals. Do you know what sparked this post from her? (This is referenced on the video with the news.) A friend sent her an article on Maya, you know, the pet that was stolen & euthanized by PETA where workers were seen on video on the front porch steeling the dog, and With the article came this question: Heather, this cannot be true. PETA doesn’t euthanize pets, do they? You worked for PETA, tell me this article is BS and that the news is trying to slander PETA. Don’t they go to extremes to save ALL animals?

      So, it looks like she thought about that and eventually wrote about her experience on her own personal blog. It’s blowing up Bc people feel deceived. She’s not telling anything that’s untrue, and I for one would LOVE families in VA who have surrendered pets to PETA to ask them what happened, Bc I have heard stories that PETA told families they would take care of their pet, only to go back and find out that meant Euthanization.

      What matters, what really matters is that people become educated on PETA’s practices towards companion animals so that they can choose what to do with their pets, money, support etc…. AND PETA shouldn’t be allowed to euthanize companion animals. That decision should be up to local animal controls, shelters, etc… Who do it as a last resort.

      • Becca, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for so clearly stating and understanding what is going in here. I very much hope that peolpe who have surrendered animals to PeTA, thinking they would be placed for adoption, ask for proof of what happened to them. Records of which shelter they were transferred to (if that’s what they’re told, a shelter will have record of that intake), records of adoption with verification by the adopter, how long they were held up for adoption before being killed (again, a shelter will keep those records). It should all be there, if it isn’t then we know why. Thanks again!

  17. Yah, lets keep giving PeTA hundreds of millions of dollars so they can do nothing about the problems they didn’t create in the first place….and so they can save 60 billion cockroaches from unnecessary slaughter because it’s cruel and futile to kill cockroaches but it’s kind to kill feral cats…..and if you are not vegan you have no right to ever open your mouth about any issue that involves animals because only vegans can care about animals and when vegans kill cats and dogs -it’s okay but if you eat a burger you are not okay.

    *more insane troll logic*

    See Heather, the more they pester you, attack you, insult you and try to hurt you, the easier it gets to laugh at them and become more of a thorn in their side. Because everyone with a lick of decency or common sense already knows – there is no justification in this world that can absolve PeTA of their hypocrisy and their lies and most of all, their betrayal of animals.

  18. And that is the bottom line. YOU – were able to see through the lies – and see your way out of the darkness that these PeTA trolls live in. You were able to feel regret and remorse for your actions. PeTA can only point the finger at everyone else with one hand while stealing their money with the other hand.

    And under no circumstances can a PeTA person ever admit they are wrong about anything. Nothing they do is ever wrong, it’s always someone else’s fault.

    They KILL because of someone else’s irresponsibility. They are the heroes, while those of us who kill cockroaches are cruel and inhumane.

    And yet they can’t see what giant fools they make of themselves trying to defend their actions. So then they resort to bullying and intimidation.

    Don’t be afraid of them, they are cowards who kill cats and dogs without a second thought or a bit of remorse (because it’s YOUR fault, not theirs). They lie about their actions, their intents and mostly they lie to themselves and try to convince themselves that they are good people.

    They ultimately lash out at everyone else because deep down they know they are murderous traitors.

  19. With big time anger management issues I’d say.

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