ahhh, the life of a diplomatic princess . . .

Top Ten Reasons Why My Awesome MIL Should Visit Us

Top Ten Reasons Why My Awesome MIL Should Visit Us (in no particular order):

1.     Beautiful Weather: They don’t call the weather around San Jose “Eternal Spring” for nothing! The average temperature in the valley is between 78-82 degrees and even during the rainy season it’s sunny most of the time. The times it is raining make it perfect for napping!

2.     Fresh Mountain Breezes: Our house is high in the hills which means that there is always a lovely breeze to enjoy. I find it meditative to just sit and watch the windmills on the mountains by our house, it’s soothing for some reason. Which leads me to number three …

3.     Three Lovely Outdoor Sitting Areas: The gazebo by the pool has a table and chairs, lovely smelling lavender, and plenty of flowers to dead head. The back patio has two comfy lounge chairs that are perfect for an afternoon nap, and the terrace has two big adirondack chairs and a Buddha fountain, can’t get more relaxing than that! Terrace

4.     Lots of Cats to Pet, Love, and Brush: Most of them are sane. Crazy Soshi is a different story …

Crazy Soshi


5.     You Can Perfect Your Spanish: Who doesn’t want to squeeze in a foreign language? It’s enriching!

6.     Liam:

Awwww, so sweet!

7.     Aisleen:


Smiling Riley!

Smiling Riley!

9.     A DIL Who is Crazy About You: me

10.     Last But Not Least, This Guy:

The awesome hubby and dogs

The awesome hubby and dogs

So, there ya have it! My case for why my wonderful mother-in-law should come visit us and stay for as long as she wants. Just rest, relax, read, enjoy the grandkids, and soak in the tropics! Come to Costa Rica …


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