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My First Travel Blog: Photos, Thoughts, and the Costa Rican Fabio

I figured, since we’re living in this gorgeous country, I might share a bit of our Costa Rican experience so far through photos. The first family trip we took was to a beach called Playa Langosta and it was every bit as spectacular as we had expected it to be. We went with my dad and step-mom and we rented this house:

It was a gorgeous spot, just a short walk from the beach, and a perfect place to hide away from the heat of the day. I have to admit, however, the best part about it was the casita across the pool from the house:

Our little hideaway

Each evening after dinner my husband and I retreated to the casita, leaving the grandparents and kids in the house to watch movies and eat popcorn. This was one family vacation where not only fun was had but actual parental relaxation!

And, now, for the beach shots . . .

I took this photo for a particular person who I will not name–you know who you are, chiquita! I probably would have taken it regardless because it’s just so Costa Rica.

This guy was about 2 feet long, he paid us a visit when we were eating at a restaurant on the beach.

The children enjoying a dip in the ocean at sunset

The sunsets in Tamarindo and Langosta are spectacular, we never missed one.

At first the children and I thought this guy was not real but we were very wrong. They grow things bigger here!

One evening we walked from Playa Langosta to neighboring Playa Tamarindo for dinner, this photo was taken on the walk back home.

Our two oldest playing in the waves at sunset

I feel like all of our photos from this trip are at sunset but I guess that’s because I didn’t usually take the camera to the beach since I was swimming! I love this photo because the kids are in motion, as always, just enjoying the water and gorgeous sunset.

My husband and I actually managed to have a few dates, thanks to the grandparents being there. One evening we snuck away to a spectacular little restaurant in Tamarindo called “The Wave.” We  saw there were no vegetarian options on the menu (we’re both veg) so we asked our waiter if there was a way to accommodate our diet. He got a huge smile on his face and told us the chef would prepare something special. And, now, for the requisite food shots:

Appetizer of greens, bruschetta, and goat cheese in pesto and chili. Spectacular!

Banana tempura in caramel sauce with coconut ice cream

For the main course the chef prepared a Vietnamese spring roll with peanut dipping sauce, just thinking about it makes me a bit drooly . . .

So there you have it, the first in what I’m hoping will be many posts highlighting this beautiful country and, because the Foreign Service part of me can’t help but give my opinion of the country in general, here’s what I think of living here: Costa Rica is as beautiful and magical as it appears, I am loving the country even more than I thought I would and traveling is definitely the best part. San Jose is not a city I enjoy spending time in, it isn’t a city like Dublin, which is full of charm and vitality. At one time there was a lot of colonial architecture but the beautiful old buildings were tossed aside in the name of progress, resulting in a city that looks like it hasn’t progressed since the 1970s. The attitude of Pura Vida doesn’t exist much in the city, aside from a maddening cultural tilt towards an alternate sense of time. However Pura Vida is alive and well once you escape the city–people are very warm and helpful, they love to chat and they don’t judge me for my rusty Spanish that needs a ton of improvement. If you are someone who relishes soaking up the many wonders this earth has to offer, and you are capable of laughing off the frustrating stuff, Costa Rica is a fabulous place to live for families and singles alike and, as a FS post, I highly recommend it!


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2 thoughts on “My First Travel Blog: Photos, Thoughts, and the Costa Rican Fabio

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  2. Lauren Roupoli on said:

    Chiquita is our bellita!! Thank you for the photo and comment.Very Meaningful 🙂

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