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Thoughts from a Foreign Service Kid

Hi my name is Liam, I am eleven years old. I like to play with my cats and dogs. I like to play sports, video games and listen  to music. My Dad is in the Foreign Service and, as a son of a Foreign Service Officer, I know all the family has to make sacrifices. When I was six years old we lived in Guinea and we had to evacuate because of a strike but my Dad stayed behind, we were apart for four months. I was six, my sister was three, and my brother was four months old. It was hard. I was traumatized by the experience.

I hoped it wouldn’t have to happen again but in November of 2009 my dad went to Iraq for a year. When I heard the news I burst into tears, I did not want my Dad to leave again. My Dad could have gotten killed by mortars because the place he was in got mortar attacks a lot. He jumps when he hears loud bangs now. My Mom and Dad did not want me to know these things while he was in Iraq because I worry a lot so I worried about the airplanes. I am scared of airplanes. I hate riding in them so whenever my Dad came home to visit, and had to ride in airplanes, I  usually had a panic attack. I was always worried about him. The thing that got me through this though was my animals. I love my cats and dogs. I remember when my Dad left my cat Arthur always cuddled with me. They calm me down and make me happy. Whenever I am scared or worried I cuddle with them. Whenever one dies it feels like losing a brother or a sister, I have two cats that I was born with that are still alive. If my cat Percy rides cargo he could die because he has heart problems, he’s 17. I think that we should have the same privileges as the military because we make sacrifices all the time, people just don’t know. We are far from privileged. My siblings and I make a lot of the same sacrifices that the military kids do and, because of that, we should be treated the same.

The picture is of me and my dog, Firu. Thank you for reading my story.


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14 thoughts on “Thoughts from a Foreign Service Kid

  1. Thank you, Liam. Very well said!

  2. Patrice Harper on said:

    Thank you for writing this, Liam. It was good to hear more about what it was like for you with your dad gone. You’ve handled everything so well, and I’m very proud of you! I’m glad your dad is home safely now, and the Turner family is all together again — complete with the new animal members!

  3. Shannon on said:

    Great post Liam, thank you for sharing your Dad with the country and your story with us. I think if United understood how much pets mean to foreign service families, they would not do this. Hopefully your writing will help them to learn.

  4. Awesome Liam!! Don’t be scared. Your mom and dad are very careful. Hugs from BecBec! My niece and nephews call me that!

  5. Chris Bergen on said:

    Liam – my son is just your age and our dog, Brody, means everything to us. You wrote a very nice blog and I hope that your perspective and your words help. Your Mom and Dad should be very proud of you. 🙂

  6. tinamariebevan on said:

    Hi Liam, I really enjoyed reading your blog, you’re a terrific writer! The way you wrote it is very sincere, and heartfelt. What a wonderful young man you’ve grown up to be – I bet your parents are extremely proud of you. Love, Tina

    • Thanks, Tina! Liam loved your comment. It was great for him to write about this. I think he’s still coming to grips with how he felt about his dad going to Iraq, writing this seemed to help him.

  7. Hi Liam. This is a great article, thanks so much for sharing. I linked to it at a blog I write called Smart Leadership, but you have to work at the State Department to read it, sorry. Your Dad can check it out for you here: Thanks again!

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