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Up with the Snatchels! AKA Time for Action!

Following on the heels of my last post I decided the logical direction for this one would be highlighting actions we can all take to fight against the war on women. Aside from voting their sorry asses out of office I’ve found a few others things that can be done and, if you know of more, please let me know! Of course you can always get involved locally in the US with the state chapters of organizations like NOW, and I’d be very interested in hearing if  they’ve had an increase in people signing up to do just that (I’m betting on “yes”). But a lot of the people I know are overseas, like myself, so I’ve compiled a small list of websites that have on-line actions you can take to fight against the war on women. We’ve decided we are ready to be strong, we’ve decided this war will not be waged without us in the opposition, standing strong to protect the rights we’ve fought hard to gain. If you are not outraged enough to act then watch this short video, I guarantee you will be once you’ve seen it:

Take action with Naral Pro-Choice America here.

Find out how you can take action locally and via e-mail alerts with Planned Parenthood here

Take action with the National Organization for Women here (this one has a TON of stuff you can do)

Take action with the Center for Reproductive Rights here

Take action with Feminist Majority here

And, last but not least, a really fun way to get involved is outlined in a Mother Jones article here. Up with the Snatchels!


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4 thoughts on “Up with the Snatchels! AKA Time for Action!

  1. Shannon on said:

    For those of us not inclined to knit, I suggest a uterus ‘snatchel’ made with felt . Or to take inspiration from Dangerous Lee and send a batch of vagina cupcakes

  2. You’re awesome girl! Way to get out of counrty women united!

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